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Financial Assistance Policy

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Serenity Lane Financial Assistance Policy
Plain Language Summary

Financial Assistance Offered

Serenity Lane provides free or discounted care for medically necessary care provided in our Special Inpatient Care Facility hospital to patients who do not have insurance and who qualify for assistance under our Financial Assistance Policy

This document is only a summary.  Please refer to the Financial Assistance Policy for complete details.

Eligibility Requirements and Assistance Offered

Patients who qualify for financial assistance are eligible for family income-based discounts for medically necessary care.  In general, uninsured patients whose family income is equal to or less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible for discounted medically necessary care.

Financial assistance is not available for medical care that is covered by insurance or patients who are deemed to have financial resources available for such care.

Financial assistance is limited to medical care provided at our Special Inpatient Care Facility and by Serenity Lane medical personnel.  Patients must fully comply with the application process, including submitting the requested supporting information to verify income in order to be eligible for financial assistance.

How to Obtain Copies of the Financial Assistance Policy and Application

Copies of the Financial Assistance Policy, FAP – Plain Language Summary and the FAP Application are available free of charge upon written request to our Credit Department at P.O. Box 8549, Coburg, OR 97408.   Copies may also be found in the admission or credit department areas of our Coburg Campus. Click here to read our Billing and Collections Policy.

Further information about the Financial Assistance Policy and assistance with the application are available from our Credit Department via phone at (541) 868-3312 or in person at our Coburg Campus, 1 Serenity Lane, Coburg, OR 97408.

How to Apply for Assistance

To apply for financial assistance, please submit a complete FAP Application with supporting documents to Serenity Lane, attention Credit Department, P.O. Box 8549, Coburg, OR 97408.

Financial assistance may be applied for prior to, during, or within 60 days subsequent to receiving the service.

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