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Visiting Information

Important Notice to family members of patients at our Coburg Campus:

  • All friends/family members will be required to attend weekend programming in order to spend time the patients. (No more than two participants per patient) No one will be allowed through the gate unless they are attending the family program.
  • Upon arrival on campus, you must attend a mandatory 15 minute orientation first. Check In is at 8:30am. Go straight into this class the moment you are checked in either by front reception or in the family center. The class will meet in the Staff Cafeteria at 8:45am where you will be informed about what is and is not allowed on campus and we will cover all the rules. Any packages brought in for patients must be left in that room and staff will go through them before giving them to the patients.
  • When the family program has ended, you are invited to stay and visit with patients until 5:45pm.
  • Please note: Visitors are not allowed to have dinner here with the patients, however, they may sign up for lunch on Saturday & Sunday.
  • No RV’s are allowed on campus.
  • There are no visitors allowed in the Hospital Unit except for the day of admission. Phone calls will also be restricted except for emergencies



When coming to our facility, please keep in mind that Serenity Lane has a dress code.  It makes it easier for patients to adhere to these rules if family members and visitors are also willing to adhere to them.

Clothing and attire that is unacceptable:

  • Tank tops
  • Shorts that are above mid-thigh length
  • Blouses/shirts with spaghetti straps
  • Blouses/shirts that are low cut in front, showing cleavage or baring midriff
  • Clothing with alcohol, drug or sexually related advertising
  • Lack of or inappropriate underclothing
  • Pants with a low waist, baring midriff, backside or worn low on hips exposing underclothing or skin
  • Lycra tights or form-fitting shorts
  • Hats, caps, headbands, bandanas or sunglasses are not acceptable inside the facility
  • Lack of footwear; Shoes are required at all times by State Regulations

If you are visiting in the facility and your clothing does not meet these standards, you may be asked to leave the facility.

Thank you for your attention to your choice of clothing.




To preserve patient confidentiality, you may write to patients by addressing the envelope this way:

Frank G. (First name + first initial of last name. No need for last names.)
P.O. Box 8549 (No need to say “Serenity Lane”)
Coburg, OR 97408

The letter will be delivered to that patient.


Email is not available to any of our patients.


Phone calls can be made to the center. (541) 687-1110.

While the patients are in Hospital Unit they are not permitted to receive or make outside calls unless in the case of an emergency.  Messages may be left with the Hospital Unit nursing staff who will relay the information to our patients.

After transfer from Hospital Unit to Residential Treatment, the Receptionist, who may be reached at 541-687-1110 will take messages and place them in the patient mailboxes. The patients may return phone calls to family and friends during their free time.


Patients are driven to outside locations to attend AA/NA meetings on a regular basis. Participating in twelve step programs is encouraged after treatment.


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