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5 Ways to Support Your Recovery During the Holidays

From work parties to family gatherings, the holidays are a busy time. With this packed schedule comes a lot of pressure, weakening your commitment to recovery.

Here are 5 strategies for staying sober during a stressful holidays season.

1) A Little Help from Your Friends

Sometimes over the holidays you have to be around difficult people, or in tough situations. If so, bring a sober friend, or have their phone number handy.

Always have a transportation plan in place. Other options include dropping by a meeting before or after the party or gathering.

2) Attitude Adjustment

Holidays are what you make of them. Recognize your points of weakness, lower your expectations, forgive yourself and others.

3) What’s in that drink, anyway?

Alcohol shows up in unexpected places during the holiday season. Try to serve yourself when possible, or be open about your recovery with your host.

If you do slip up and sip the wrong drink, just be open with a friend or sponsor. Don’t keep it a secret.

4) Establish Boundaries

If that hard-partying co-worker will be at the office party, or uncle Frank is getting pushy with his stiff drinks, remember it’s ok to say no, make a brief appearance, or just stay home.

5) Take Care of Yourself

While alcohol is seemingly everywhere during the holidays, so are sugary and fatty treats. Remember to keep a balanced diet, get lots of rest, and pay attention to what’s going on with you spiritually—in whatever form that might take.

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