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Holidays Straight Up: Sober Gift Giving

Some people are born gift-givers. You know the type. They listen and they remember. Your hobbies. Things you enjoy. Your favorite foods and places to shop. They turn up with the best gifts while the rest of us are grabbing gift cards and tinted chapstick samplers in a panic at the 11th hour. Another perennial favorite gift for the last-minute gift giver is booze. A nice bottle of champagne as a hostess gift. A 6-pack of some holiday-themed micro-brew. Or wine. Just…wine – the gift for any occasion.

In recovery, this can mean thinking a little outside the box. Or bottle, in this case. Here are some gift-giving suggestions for the people on your list in recovery.

  1. Bangles with purpose: The popular wrist bangle gets a spiritual makeover. Pretty, sweet and a great reminder now and throughout the year how this thing works.
  2. Anything related to coffee: a cool mugtasty coffee or tea/tea accessories
  3. Things related to hobbies, such as this adorable, personalized kitting bowl
  4. Plants are perfect. Something simple for the indoors, a project for the novice or seeds for the outdoors gardener.
  5. Useful things make great hostess gifts:
    1. Tote bags
    2. This thing
    3. Can’t go wrong with linens!

Good luck and happy shopping! A special thanks to all of the great artists and vendors on Etsy – where most of these unique and lovely items may be found.

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