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SelfCare Sunday: Recovery Reads Edition

Happy Weekend Sober People!

In case you missed the memo, it’s still winter in the Pacific NW which means RAIN. Lots and lots and lots and lots of rain! If you’re looking for ways to ward off cabin fever/precipitation-induced insanity, we suggest the following: a hot cup of delicious tea, a warm blanket and a good book to read.

Here are some of our favorite recovery-themed reads for a rainy day. Enjoy! If we’ve left off a book you think should be here – let us know in the comments! There are so many great books out there and we want to get to them all!

  1. Drop the Rock: Written by three members of AA three decades ago this book takes a look at the principles behind the Sixth and Seventh steps, not only for understanding, but for action. It’s a short and sweet read and, you can even take a peek at the full text before ordering a copy for yourself. 
  2. Codependent No More, Melody Beatty: An authority on breaking the chains of codependency and setting healthy boundaries this book is highly popular among both family and loved ones of people in recovery. A quick and easy read with Ms. Beatty’s kind but firm guidance laying the path for disconnecting with love and thriving in one’s own right.
  3. The Spirituality of Imperfection: A great study of the search for meaning and healing in spirituality dating back through the ages. This is a great place for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice. A deft mix of old scriptures, parables, analysis and healing messages.
  4. Drinking: A Love Story: Caroline Knapp is fearless and deeply eloquent in her memoir about alcoholism and recovery. Packed with hard truths, poignant imagery and razor-sharp insight: a great read for women in recovery.
  5. The Girl on the Train: When you’re done with the step-work reading and ready for something a little juicier – Paula Hawkins thriller combines the horror of alcoholism with a whodunit murder mystery page turner.




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