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SelfCareSunday: Zen in the Den

Happy Weekend Sober People!

Stress-management and spirituality are two big components in recovery. Meditation, yoga and Tai Chi are just some of the methods people have used to rest and recharge their minds and hearts. These activities may feel intimidating to a beginner. Even people who have achieved success building a practice may be daunted at the idea of returning to it after a break.

The good news is that you can start a practice any time. And there is no right way to do it. There is guided meditation and moving meditation. There are people who will tell you that being in nature works far better than a church for communing with god. Other people will swear that breathing exercises and silence for a few minutes in the morning make the rest of the day immeasurably better. You can light candles and chant, you can put on headphones and walk, you can follow instructions or develop something that is wholly your own.

If you want to start simple we’ve pulled together some of our favorite meditation/spirituality applications and online tools that you can try for free, use at home and mix and match depending on what you like.

Daily Om: This one-stop-shop for holistic living features courses, routines, affirmations and inspirations fit for every need. Want to build a daily yoga practice? Check. Courses for creating change or working through a prevalent bad habit? Check and Check.

Calm: A favorite among meditation app users this app combines visualizations, calming scenery, soothing music and nature sounds for everything from creative goal-setting to traditional meditation and breathing practices. It even has some sleep settings.

Headspace: A great all-comers app for your phone that will help walk you through meditation. There is a focus on mindfulness and creating new habits around making time to be still and quiet for short amounts of time consistently. But the app also explores guided meditation and visualization. A great beginner’s tool for learning about and trying some basic meditation. (Find the app here)

Asana Rebel: For those new to yoga or looking for a selection of versatile, easy-to-incorporate routines: Asana Rebel is a no-fuss, beautifully simple app for your phone. Subscribers can chose from a list of routines ranging from 5 minutes to 15. There is great variety with routines like “Yoga for Creativity” and “Core Strength.” (Find the app here) 

Tai Chi: This ancient, strength and stability-building practice is often overlooked in favor of the more Instagram-friendly culture of yoga. But Tai Chi is a wondrous practice that helps connect mind and body, aid the flow of energy through the body and build incredible balance of the physical self and the spirit.  We’d start here

SimpleMind:Put this app on your phone and have a life coach in your pocket at all times. This handy little program creates “mind maps” to help you order your thoughts, reach solutions and create action plans.

Unstuck: Another creative tactical tool, this app helps you push through whatever mental blockage is keeping you at a standstill. Describing itself as an “in-the-moment digital coach, this program works on desktop and comes with a free app for your phone.


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