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Sober Gift Guide Part 3

Gifts for People in Recovery

In the last post in our sober gift guide series, we’ll take a look at some sober gift ideas related to promoting healthy habits of self-care. It might feel a little funny to ask for or to choose a self-care item as a gift for this holiday season, but if you or someone you know is recently sober they’ve been putting a lot of hard work on themselves, changing patterns of behavior and reevaluating deeply held belief systems. A gift related to self-care is a great way to say job well done. In addition, strong self-care habits go along way to manage stress and anxiety going forward into a life free from drug and alcohol abuse.

Soothing gifts

First in our sober gift guide self-care edition let’s talk about gifts to soothe the nerves and calm the senses. If this is your idea of self-care, consider candles, bubble baths, or face masks. A simple pair of cozy socks or a nice warm blanket are other good gift ideas, or instead get a gift certificate to a spa or salon where guests can recharge with a nice mud mask or relax, soaking in a hot tub.

Sleep aids

Sleep issues are common among those who are recently sober as the brain readjusts to healthy sleep patterns without the presence of drugs and alcohol. Presents to help you or someone you know get some much-needed shut-eye include lavender oil, sleep masks, or eye pillows. Or instead, pick out a nice selection of sleepy-time teas.


Even more sugar than normal during the holidays, you might be asking? Yes. Those in early recovery often have sugar cravings, and the truth is indulging those cravings — in moderation — is perfectly ok! So if you, or someone you know, has a sober sweet tooth, get them something sweet this Christmas.

On the other hand, in recovery it’s important to get back to three solid square meals a day. Some gift ideas to promote healthy eating could include a new cookbook or a meal-in-a-box delivery service.

You should never never feel bad about choosing a self-care item as a present. Remember, self-care in recovery is not an indulgence, it’s an important life skill.

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