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Sober Gift Guide Part I

If you’re shopping for someone in recovery, or are in recovery looking for gift ideas, here is our first, in a two-part series, of sober gift-giving ideas! Sober gifting isn’t that different than any other sort of gifting. There is the usual self-care, luxe, practical and thoughtful components of getting someone something that makes them feel special. When it comes to gifts for people in recovery, there are some tried and true trends to guide your gifting.

So put on your Santa hat and let’s dive in.

  1. Hobbies

People who are in early recovery are encouraged to find some hobbies. These are activities help fill time, keep hands busy and replace old activities and patterns of behavior.  Some perennially popular hobbies include:

  • Yoga or meditation

It’s often recommended those who have recently been through treatment for drug and alcohol addiction try yoga or meditation to handle stress, anxiety, or depression.

Good gifts for anyone who practices yoga and meditation can range from a new yoga mat or exercise clothing, to picking up the membership fees at their favorite yoga studio, or a book or video about their favorite style of yoga.

  • Writing

The practice of writing can help purge everything we have going on in the inside. Whether it’s simply journaling, writing fiction, or perhaps poetry. It doesn’t even matter if anyone ever reads it!

Good gifts to support someone in your life who’s picked up writing as a hobby include a new journal, new pens and pencils, or perhaps a book of writing prompts or other forms of inspiration.

  • Outdoor exercise

Getting outdoors as often as possible is one of the best things anyone in recovery – or really any of us — can add to our daily or weekly routines.

Sunshine, exercise, and fresh air all contribute to an improved sense of well-being. If you’re seeking a gift for someone who’s passion is outdoor exercise, consider a new water bottle, cold-weather gear, or a guide to local parks or trails for them to explore.

2) Community Service. Another popular adage in recovery is “to gain self-esteem, do estimable acts.” There are lots of ways a person may be of service in their community. Your sober gift may be accessories, gear or even a donation to your sober loved one’s favorite charity. Some common volunteer activities and gifts include:

  • Volunteering at a pet or animal shelter

Taking care of animals is proven to have a positive effect on mental and physical health. Just petting an animal can reduce depression and anxiety.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who volunteers at an animal shelter, consider donating to the shelter in their name, or just pick up lunch one day for the entire crew.

A gift card to the pet store or a pair of gloves and scarf for when they’re our walking the mutts would be the perfect way to support your sober loved one.

  • Working in the Community

Many people in recovery will sign up to serve meals, donate clothes or donate to their community organizations that serve vulnerable populations in their community. Just asking about this will likely make your sober loved one very happy, but a donation in their name, a bag of clothes, or something more aligned with their volunteer work like a calendar or tote bag to help them stay organized through their volunteer work would be a nice gesture.

Stay tuned for part 2 in our sober gift guide series and Happy Holidays to you.



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