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Tips for a Sober Labor Day

sober labor daySober Labor Day Weekend

It’s the last great hurrah of summer. Your line in the sand for wearing white. One last long weekend of sunshine and sandals. For those in recovery — the holiday can be filled with temptations. And in general, the shifting of seasons, especially the transition from fun-in-the-sun summer to back-to-work fall is rough. It’s enough to make anyone a little antsy.

For those in recovery, here are a few reminders and some ideas for enjoying the weekend, having some fun and staying safe, sober and sane.

  1. If you’re going to a party or participating in a fun outdoor event: bring snacks, bring your own refreshing beverages and show up in the spirit of service. Arriving early at a party to help set up is a great way to avoid some of the awkwardness of that moment of arriving at a party and facing a wall of people. And being helpful early on will boost your confidence — nothing builds self-esteem like esteemable acts.
  2. Charge Up Your Recovery: Get to a meeting, call a sober friend, do a little meditation, get a good night’s rest, eat a healthy meal: each of these things works wonders to quell low-grade cases of the “hangries” and added all together can help you feel more grounded in your sobriety.
  3. Say Goodbye and Hello: You may have some downtime over the holiday. Try creating some space to reflect upon this change in seasons. Write a gratitude list that details the things you love about summer and went right over the last few months. Then start a fresh page and write down some intentions or things you are looking forward to for the fall.
  4.   Hit the Farmer’s Market: There is no better time of year to buy fresh, local items that late summer. Tomatoes, corn, berries, squash, peppers: you name it, it’s in season. There is something deeply healing about picking your own veggies or making a meal with local, in-season ingredients. Take some time to sample summer’s abundance and nourish your body and spirit with a delish and healthy meal.
  5. Retail Therapy: If your bank account allows it and you have some time to kill, this is a great weekend for sales. If you’re feeling like you deserve a treat for getting through the weekend without picking up a drink or drug: go see what goodies you can pick up this weekend.

Most importantly, this too shall pass. Put one foot in front of the other, take good care of yourself, ask for help and never hesitate to sit a social event or stressful situation out. You’ve got this. See you in September!



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