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TGIF Sober People

Fridays can be tough in early sobriety. For many, some of the best weekend activities involved drinking. Here’s a little pep talk and some tips to get you psyched for your sober weekend:

  1. You know what’s awesome? Waking up sober on a Saturday or Sunday morning. You can linger in bed but not because you’re afraid you might vomit if you get up too quickly. And your wallet? Right where you left it when you came home last night which you totally remember! So treat yourself to some coffee in bed. Or maybe grab some breakfast with a friend. Whatever you do – take a moment to appreciate the gentle, easy feeling of waking up without a hangover.
  2. Replace old weekend activities with new ones. Some activities, like shooting pool, clubbing or hanging out on the patio at your favorite bar will not translate well into sober life. Try some new activities! Try a yoga class, check out your neighborhood book store or go to a plant sale and try growing some herbs or flowers this spring. There are so many wonderful things to do and chances are you will find that some of these new activities fit you better than old ones.
  3. Trust that you are still you. You don’t have to give everything up. Going out dancing, listening to live music and entertaining are all still things you can totally rock when sober. Just ease in to it and ask some sober friends for help if you’re going to be going into situations where there will be alcohol around.
  4. Be a friend, say yes, keep an open mind: One way to fight the urge to isolate over free time is to say yes to unexpected invitations that come your way. Birthday party? Sure! Help someone move a couch? OKAY! Being helpful, showing up and seeing where life takes you is one of the best adventures to be had in sobriety – so try saying yes even if it means a little less Netflix and Chill time.
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