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Tips for a Sober Superbowl

For many, drinking and football are one and the same. There’s the pre-game tailgate, the heavy rotation of beer advertisements during the game, the touchdown celebratory toast and the soothing of misery when your team is losing. What we’re getting at is that football is a drinking pastime and for many in recovery, can be tricky. Especially if you plan to watch the big game Sunday with folks who WILL be drinking.

Here are a few winning plays from the sober playbook to help you on game day.

  1. Eat! There are football standbys like chili and cornbread, sausages and peppers, nachos and guacamole!  Tucking in to a delicious plate of food is a fabulous alternative to sucking down beer and can help you feel sated and give you something to be busy with. If you want to try your hand at an authentic Philly Cheese steak recipe, we recommend this one.
  2. Have a game plan: If you’re going to a party or just to watch with friends have a plan for arrival times and departures. You may bookend the event with a meeting or some exercise or a check-in with sober support friends.
  3. Give yourself permission to sit this one out: You can also say NO to this year’s Superbowl party or heading out to a bar or situation that feels uncomfortable. It’s the Superbowl – it will be on tv and you can watch it at home if that’s what feels the safest and most comfortable. Same thing goes for leaving early if you’re not digging the scene. Trust your gut.
  4. Ask for help, share how you feel: For some folks big drinking events bring up a lot of feelings. Memories of drinking or resentments that you can’t be a part of a scene you used to enjoy. A sober friend, a sponsor, therapist or just writing some of your feelings down may take some of the power out of them and help you to sort through your feelings. Remember, this too shall pass.


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