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What to do on St. Patrick’s Day when you’re sober

Tips for a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was once an Irish religious holiday, celebrating the Christian St. Patrick and the coming of Christianity to Ireland. Some say the holiday has something to do with St. Patrick driving snakes from Ireland, but spoiler alert: fossil records show there were never any snakes on the island in the first place – it was always too cold for our slithery friends!

Either way, St. Patrick’s Day has now spread across the globe, coming to mean for many, an excuse to lose control while imbibing in drugs and alcohol. If you’re in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse, however, there are lots of other ways to mark the holiday, practices that not only honor Irish heritage, but your own health and well-being.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, safe and sober

Throw a Sober Party

Instead of a late-night drinking party, host a sober party with all sorts of Irish food like corned beef, Irish stew, or Irish soda bread — Yum!

Keep your guests occupied with Irish trivia games, or a contest awarding the most creative use of green food coloring in a dish or non-alcoholic beverage – because everybody loves a shamrock milkshake!

Do Something That’s Truly Irish

Despite stereotypes, being Irish isn’t all about drinking alcohol. There are lots of ways to explore or honor Irish culture. Listen to Irish music, or learn to sing or play some traditional Irish songs yourself.

The music doesn’t even have to be traditional! Ireland has produced a lot of great contemporary rock, pop, and soul music as well. Instead, take Irish dancing lessons, or maybe spend a quiet evening reading any of the great literature Irish writers have contributed to the world.

Try an Authentic Irish Recipe

While green beer hogs the spotlight, the real MVP of St. Patrick’s Day is the food! Corned beef! Irish soda bread! Shepherd’s Pie! You can either make a day of it and braise, roast, chop, knead and bake your way through or grab yourself some of the fabulous, ready-to-cook items from our favorite Cooking Cheat Partner.

Host an Irish Film Fest

Invite some sober friends to stay in on St. Patrick’s Day and plan an Irish movie film fest. Some great Irish films to choose from include Once, In the Name of the Father, or Far and Away. But there are tons more to choose from.

March in a parade!

Many communities have parades for St. Patrick’s Day. Put together your own leprechaun outfit, and spread the luck of the Irish to young and old alike!

But maybe most of all, spending St. Patrick’s Day sober will not only support your recovery, but help you have some Irish-themed fun without waking up the next morning with a terrible hangover!

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