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Holiday Tip Sheet

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Holiday Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet

Date: October 3, 2018
Contact: Monique Danziger
Director of Marketing and Communications 541-284-8613 (w) 202-904-3113 (m)

Recovery in the Holiday Season

Portland, OR—Sometimes called the “trifecta” or “triple crown” the stretch from late November through January is a notoriously tough time for persons who struggle with addiction or are in recovery from addiction. Serenity Lane specializes in treating addiction, rebuilding families, mental wellness and long-term strategies for staying sober. Our addiction specialized physicians, mental health providers and family counselors are available to help anyone who suffers with addiction this holiday season. Some ideas for stories on this topic include:

Coping with holiday stress
We have a plan to help people get through whatever the holiday season can dish out. From stress and anxiety to the holiday blues, we have options for coping with stress and practicing good self-care. Multiple spokespersons available and visuals include meditation, acupuncture and exercise therapy demonstrations.

Celebrating the holidays sober
For people in recovery and their friends and loved ones, the holidays can be confusing. We have recommendations for how to navigate experiences like attending your holiday office party, attending family celebrations and getting through New Year’s sober. This can also be for anyone who wishes to abstain – whether as part of recovery from addiction or any other health reason.

Understanding addiction
Every person is unique and no two people will have the same story when it comes to alcoholism or drug addiction. But there are similarities and Serenity Lane addiction experts want to help explain how addiction works and why it is never too late to get help and get sober. Friends and families often express bewilderment at the behavior of people with addiction – and they are often equally baffled at how to show love and support to that person after they have gone to treatment or made a decision to get sober. We have some tips for setting boundaries and showing support.


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