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Medication Info For Those in Recovery

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Medication Info For Those in Recovery

Minor illnesses such as cough, cold, allergy, stomach and respiratory flu, while not dangerous themselves, can present problems for people in recovery.  Numerous over-the-counter (OTC) remedies often duplicate and overlap one another in effect, and present the consumer with a confusing array of options.

Misinformation regarding OTC drugs can be traced back as the cause of many relapses into active addictive disease, frequently with disastrous consequences.  The chemical ingredients in many OTC remedies have effects very similar to those of addictive drugs, and often the brain cannot distinguish one from another.  The effect is that of a trigger with the emergence of powerful cravings.

DOWNLOAD the list of OTC MEDICATIONS judged to be safe for people in recovery »
Please note that this list is not inclusive of all safe medications and its listing here does not represent an endorsement of its effectiveness.

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