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Celebrating Easter in Recovery

easter in recovery can still be sweet

Tips and Ideas for Celebrating Easter in Sobriety

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and regardless of your religious affiliation, or lack thereof, Easter, and spring in general, is about rebirth. Recovering from drug and alcohol abuse is itself a kind of rebirth. How often do we appreciate these kinds of miracles in our lives? So take the time this Easter Sunday to mark your recovery, and ground yourself in gratitude.

In addition, it could be said the path of recovery is a little like an Easter egg hunt. It’s a journey, and along the way, you’ll discover new things about yourself, and maybe even other people in your life. Whether your route to recovery involves a 12-step program, meditation, therapy, or something else entirely, take the time on Easter Sunday to notice – a little like the flowers blooming in the fresh spring sunshine – how far you’ve blossomed, and remember the best is yet to come – it’s exciting!

Or maybe, like us, you’re in a place like Oregon, where there’s a very good chance Easter Sunday will be rainy. But even rain can be a rich and nourishing sign of rebirth – soak it in. Though you might want to wear a raincoat for the Easter egg hunt!

And speaking of Easter egg hunts – Easter can sometimes just be about all that delicious candy! On this day of all days, indulge. Enjoy the sweetness of the candy, as well as who you are, how far you’ve come, and the great things a sober life has in store for you.

But maybe you’re still struggling to choose recovery. Easter is great time to take the first step.

Here’s why:

Did your New Year’s resolution not go as planned? Get a do-over this spring.

Rather than focusing on the past, remember that spring is a time for second-chances.

Make yourself the Easter egg

Like popping open a plastic egg, choose Easter to tell family and friends you’re ready to live a sober life. They’ll love the surprise!

Renewal means letting some things go

Renewal or rebirth aren’t easy – taking on a new stage in life means clearing space filled up with the past.

Let Easter be a time to reflect on the long winter of substance abuse, absorb it into the soil of who you are, and a little like preparing a garden for the spring growing season – clear out what’s unwanted or what’s become overgrown.

You never know what you might finding growing in all that freshly cleared-out space.

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