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Here at Serenity Lane, we’re proud to offer treatment options that provide you with all the tools you need for recovery. This includes our extended, long-term residential treatment program. This program may be the best option for someone suffering from severe addiction or chronic relapse. It may also be the ideal treatment option for complex cases of addiction and patients who work in a safety occupation.

We provide long-term residential programming for relapse prone individuals, healthcare professionals, and employees in safety-sensitive occupations. In order to ensure that we’re providing excellence in individualized care, our long-term residential program has no predetermined treatment duration to better meet the needs of our patients. 

Long-Term Treatment Program Overview

While the treatment needs of individual patients may vary greatly, there are some core aspects of our long-term residential treatment program that are emphasized in every treatment approach. We’ve outlined some of these universal approaches below:

  • Patients are encouraged to learn healthy communication skills. The development of these skills can aid in tackling deeper emotional and behavioral issues.
  • We place a strong focus on developing coping skills in our patients. We find that spirituality can help in this process but every patient is different. Our overall goal in building these skills is to prevent future relapse at all costs.
  • Patients are given specially-tailored assignments in order to delve into relapse-related issues.

Long-Term Approaches to Prevent Relapse

  • Placing a greater emphasis on identifying and addressing core issues and “unfinished business” directly related to addiction. These issues can often be strong relapse triggers so addressing them at their core can lead to more positive outcomes.
  • Examination of core psychological and trauma issues that lead to addiction in the first place.
  • Teaching tactics and strategies to manage substance craving to reduce the probability of relapse.

Each patient’s individual needs will define their pathway to recovery with a strong focus on the elimination of self-defeating behaviors, promotion of social attitudes and values, and caring for others.

The length of this program will vary based on the individual needs of the patient.

Our Unique Treatment Approach to Mental Health Yields Lasting Results

An extended residential patient is a person that has gone through one or more residential treatment programs of 21+ days and has been unable to achieve lasting recovery. These patients are typically well-versed in the processes and systems of the typical recovery or treatment program. This seasoned patient type is known as being “treatment wise” and typical, outdated treatment modalities may have little or no effect on getting through to them to create lasting change.

Here at Serenity Lane, we’ve designed this program with these patients in mind. Because of this, there are no lectures in our long-term residential program. Instead, we offer only hard-hitting, compassionate confrontation of the numerous cognitive and spiritual blocks that are keeping the patient from surrender and acceptance.

Family sessions, in both one-on-one and group settings, are also a component of the program. These meetings are meant to shed light on the family dynamics that have been tainted or damaged by the disease of addiction.

Succeeding Where Other Addiction Programs Have Failed

When creating a programming environment that is successful in cultivating lasting recovery, we believe that the most important factor is time. The belief systems of people that have prolonged substance use problems are very entrenched and well-guarded. Because of these defensive mental structures, only the keenest of recovery clinicians can identify and address underlying issues. This process takes time.

Our typical patient in this program has been through treatment programs before and often knows how to work the system. They’ve developed subconscious survival skills, such as deceit, on such a level that they are no longer aware of the patterns they use to keep their disease active.

At Serenity Lane, our long-term residential treatment program is designed to get to the bottom of your struggles with addiction. Behaviors, written and verbal statements, attitudes, and beliefs are constantly being challenged and dissected. As a result, no stone is left unturned in ferreting out the core of the disease.

The core component of our program is a requirement that the patient is honest, open, and willing to participate.

Positive Treatment Outcomes Don’t Lie

At Serenity Lane, we’ve conducted internal studies that demonstrate a very high success rate of recovery for those patients who complete their prescribed course of treatment. Keep in mind that the length of stay in our long-term residential treatment program will vary depending on need. A staggering 84% of patients report being sober a year after completing this specialized treatment program. 

Choosing a treatment program that works can be intimidating. 

Long-term Residential FAQs

  • What is considered long-term treatment?

Long-term treatment programs are substance use recovery programs that typically last anywhere from one month to one year. The most effective long-term treatment programs use these timeframes as a general guideline but offer individualized care leading to varied treatment durations.

  • How long does long-term treatment last?

At a minimum, long-term treatment programs last at least a month but can last up to a year. Ideally, this length of time will vary based on the individual needs of the patient and the severity of their substance use issues. 

  • Are there long-term mental hospitals?

There are long-term mental health programs that can last for six months or longer. This gives the patient ample time to totally immerse themselves in treatment and healing experience.

  • What are residential treatment programs?

Residential treatment programs are inpatient programs that provide intensive care for patients dealing with substance use or mental health issues. These programs aim to achieve healing by providing structure and addressing underlying psychological issues that can lead to substance use or behavioral problems.

Contact Serenity Lane for Long-Term Options

If you or a loved one has tried treatment programs before with limited or no success, Serenity Lane is here to help. Our compassionate clinicians use industry-led techniques that give you the tools you need to ensure the best outcome.

It’s time for a long-term program that actually works. Call us today at 800-543-9905 to speak with one of our licensed healthcare professionals.

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