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DUII Services

If you’ve received a citation for driving under the influence of an intoxicant (DUII) know that it isn’t the end of the world. If you’re seeking education or treatment after receiving a DUII citation, Serenity Lane is here to help. We have been approved and certified by the state of Oregon to provide DUII services and offer treatment groups at a wide variety of times to fit your schedule.

Serenity Lane is certified by the State of Oregon (Oregon Health Authority Health Systems Division.)

Here are Some Patient Advantages That We Offer Over Other National DUII Programs:

  • Evening and daytime groups to fit your schedule
  • DUII Rehabilitation, including Level I Outpatient and Level II Intensive Outpatient
  • DUII Patient Monitoring is available. Our monitoring system keeps an accurate account of your progress and attendance and helps with fast, effective reporting to agencies (courts) involved in your case.

The goal of our DUII programming is to provide education to those who have received a DUII citation on the effects of drugs and alcohol while driving. Our programming is also designed to help DUII offenders increase their awareness and knowledge of alcohol and drugs and how they relate to driving skills, and to help them identify their own drinking or drug use and driving patterns. We aim to assist DUII offenders in forming a plan to reduce their probability of engaging in driving under the influence and reckless behaviors.

Serenity Lane

In DUII Service Groups at Serenity Lane, Clients Will Learn About:

  • Information on alcohol as an intoxicant
  • The psychological effects of alcohol and other intoxicants, including their residual effects on normal levels of driving performance
  • The effects of other drugs, both legal and illegal, and their interaction with the effects of alcohol while driving
  • How substance use and dependence can affect individuals and relationships
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and its effect on driving
  • Oregon laws and penalties related to driving under the influence of intoxicants
  • Patterns and root causes of habitual drug and alcohol abuse

DUII Services are Available at all of Our Outpatient Facilities Located in:

Here are some resources related to DUII services:

Oregon DUI FAQs

What is DUI treatment?

DUI treatments are programs that are typically court-ordered after a person receives a citation for driving under the influence of an intoxicant. They are primarily focused on educating the person on the effects of drugs and alcohol in the context of driving as well as laws related to driving under the influence. The main goal of this education is to prevent the person from engaging in driving under the influence ever again.

Can I do DUI classes online?

The acceptability of online DUI classes varies from state to state. The state of Oregon does not recognize “online DUI classes” as an approved way for Oregon resident DUI or drug offenders to complete the state-mandated classes. If you live in Oregon and your offense happened in the state of Oregon you must attend a local class in your area. Non-resident offenders and residents who received a DUI in another state “may be eligible”, but we strongly advise that you check with the authority requiring the class to make sure they will accept an online distance learning program before registering for the class.

Do they drug test in DUI classes?

Yes, random alcohol and drug urine tests are a required part of all state-approved DUI programs in Oregon. You will be periodically and randomly tested for the duration of your treatment program, and all tests conducted must be negative in order to successfully complete DUI classes.

What is a DUI class like?

All DUI classes have the same goal, to educate the offender on the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving to prevent any future infractions. This is a very welcome alternative to sitting in a jail cell. The goal of DUI classes is also to help you recognize and gain control of your substance use habits.

DUI is a National Health Problem and Serenity Lane Has the Resources to Help

Our licensed and informed healthcare professionals are here to answer any questions you may have about our DUII classes and any other information you may need about our services here at Serenity Lane. Call us today at 800-543-9905.

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