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Day Treatment – A Partial Hospitalization Program

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Substance Use Recovery: An Introduction to Day Treatment Programs

The substance use recovery journey can be a long and arduous process. Every patient has a unique recovery journey. Throughout the process, our treatment programs follow a structured and logical flow to ensure each patient knows what to expect.

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What is Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization?

Day treatment, also known as partial hospitalization, is the next level of substance use treatment following detox and inpatient residential treatment. Our Day Treatment Program is a comprehensive option that is especially beneficial for individuals who need more than a short residential stay, which is the majority of our patients. The Day Treatment Program is also beneficial for patients who have completed inpatient residential treatment and want to continue treatment in an environment that provides structured, high-level care.

 partial hospitalization programsThe treatment is structured as a five to seven-day weekly program that can last up to six or eight hours per day. The majority of the day’s time is spent in group therapy for up to six hours at a time. One hour is typically dedicated to lunch and another to an engaging activity. Currently, we offer Day Treatment at our Coburg location.

Structured treatment is an important component in looking towards long-term recovery. Through a highly-structured program, patients will learn to manage their responsibilities and create schedules that balance their professional and personal lives. A regular routine can be helpful in maintaining sobriety and allow for a greater degree of self-control and self-regulation. 

What Services Can a Patient Expect From a Day Treatment Program?

When a patient enters our Day Treatment Program, our team will create an individualized treatment plan. The duration of the patient’s day treatment will depend on the personalized treatment plan. Depending on the treatment plan, a patient may also have Family Programming incorporated into their treatment.  day treatment programs mental healthFamily Programming focuses on providing education, therapy, and support that are aimed at repairing relationships, improving communication between family members, and creating better overall outcomes for our patients.

At a minimum, programming duration will be four hours per day and 20 hours per week. The majority of the time will be spent in group therapy followed by counseling with a private therapist. 

Here at Serenity Lane, we offer the Day Treatment Program to fulfill our goal of providing continuous care throughout a patient’s recovery journey. Recovery is a long-term journey. We hope that by providing this structured continuous care program, patients will build the skills they need to develop healthy self-management techniques.

Where Do Patients Live During Treatment?

Serenity Lane does not offer sober living services. However, patients in Day Treatment can choose to stay at our residential facility in Coburg for an additional cost. If a patient chooses to reside at our residential facility, applications for weekend passes to visit loved ones or take care of other duties are available.

During this stage of treatment, many patients can benefit from being able to slowly re-enter and attend to daily life while also living in a structured environment and routine.

What Does the Financial Responsibility Look Like?

Serenity Lane is contracted with most major insurance providers to cover Day Treatment services, so there may be little to no cost for services. For those that have an unused or high deductible, Serenity Lane provides financial guidance and support.

What Are the Next Steps After Treatment?

Following Day Treatment, patients can continue to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The IOP is a stage of treatment where patients begin going back to their professional lives. While juggling the demands of their job, patients participate in group therapy, individual counseling, and therapy three times a week. 

For patients who are relapse prone, Long-Term Residential Treatment works to address unsolved issues and mental blocks that can contribute to relapses. Our team will determine the length of your individualized program based on your individual needs.

Day Program FAQs

What is day treatment/partial hospitalization treatment?

Partial hospitalization treatment is a stage of treatment that follows detox and inpatient residential treatment. This is a highly structured treatment stage in which patients participate in group therapy sessions throughout the week. Additional programming may be added based on an individual patient’s needs.

What does PHP or Day Treatment mean in rehab?

Day Treatment, sometimes referred to as PHP, stands for Partial Hospitalization Program. Partial hospitalization is a treatment stage that follows detox and inpatient residential treatment. This stage usually consists of highly structured group therapy.

What happens in a day treatment or partial hospitalization program?

In a day treatment or partial hospitalization program, our team will evaluate a patient’s needs and create an individualized treatment plan. The treatment plan can help determine the optimal length of the program as well as any supplemental programming.

What is a day treatment program?

A Day Treatment Program is a name used interchangeably with a Partial Hospitalization Program. The term Day Treatment is most widely used in Oregon state. Day Treatment is the stage of treatment that follows detox and inpatient residential treatment, usually consisting of structured group therapy.

Serenity Lane is ready to provide you or your loved one a personalized treatment plan to assist in long-term recovery. To find out more or get started, contact us at 800-543-9905.

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