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Day Treatment at Serenity Lane

Serenity Lane’s new Day Treatment Program, also known as partial hospitalization, is the highest level of substance use disorder care after Inpatient Residential Treatment. Day treatment is a great option for individuals looking for comprehensive treatment programming that allows them to balance the demands of personal and professional life.

Day treatment consists of programming five to seven days a week for up to six hours a day. Patients may either remain living at their home or opt to pay room and board for sober living facilities on or off campus.

Day treatment is just one level of care in Serenity Lane’s integrated care model. Some patients will do best starting with inpatient and transitioning to day treatment while others may be appropriate to do day treatment right away.

Day Treatment FAQs

How long is the typical length of programming?

The length of the program is variable and predicated upon the patient’s individual treatment plan based on American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria. Programming primarily occurs Monday through Friday with a minimum of four hours of programming per day, twenty hours per week.  Depending upon the patient’s individual treatment plan, programming may also consist of our Family Program and other programming over the weekend.

Who is a Good Candidate for Day Treatment?

Day treatment is a great option for those who have completed a stay in residential treatment and would like to continue treatment in a setting that provides a high level of care and structure. It is also a good option for working professionals and others who require comprehensive, integrated care while balancing the demands of their personal and professional life.

Where do you offer day treatment?

Serenity Lane currently provides Day Treatment services at our Coburg campus in Coburg, Oregon.

Why does Serenity Lane offer so many different levels of care?

Our goal is to provide a full continuum of care services that eventually lead to patient self-management. We meet patients where they are and provide the care services and resources to help them find long-term recovery.

Does Serenity Lane provide sober living services for patients participating in Serenity Lane Day Treatment programming?

Serenity Lane offers room and board on our residential campus for an additional cost for patients participating in our day treatment programming. Patients who opt to live on campus may find benefit in utilizing the broader parameters of the program to leave campus to visit with loved ones, complete tasks or take care of obligations. Upon returning from these trips off campus patients may process their feelings and deal with learning to live sober in a safe, structured and therapeutic environment.

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