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Addiction Services for the Family

Addiction to alcohol or other drugs is an illness that has a profound effect on both the individual and his or her family members. An addicted person’s life becomes progressively more self-destructive. Because the illness is insidious, the alcoholic/addict’s life is affected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As a result, the entire family can get caught in the destructive progression of the disease. Living with an alcoholic /addict can be a chaotic, unpredictable experience. Serenity Lane incorporates family programs in all its treatment modalities.

Our family services provide education, therapy and support designed to repair relationships, build communication and improve patient outcomes.

Serenity Lane’s Family Services are available throughout all levels of care, including our residential, day treatment and outpatient programs. Our residential family program includes four family weekends where patients and family members work on repairing relationships, improving communication and building a foundation for long-term recovery.

The first weekend focuses on education around the disease of addiction and Serenity Lane’s treatment programming. This is also when patients and family members begin engaging in dialogue with support from the group and our counselors.

During the second weekend, we delve into family systems and communication. Patients and family members participate in communication exercises designed to clear barriers and build trust.

On the third weekend, patients and families participate in our highly popular letter writing exercise where patients and families write letters to each other. This exercise often helps with expressing things that are hard to say out loud. Patients talk about their experience in addiction while family can share how the patient’s behavior affected them. These letters are then read aloud in a therapeutic group. This is one of the turning points for our patients and families and is the result of the first two weekends of work.

In the fourth weekend, we work on setting boundaries and developing tactics for relapse prevention to prepare patients and families for the transition from residential to the home environment.

Engaging the Family in the Recovery Process

We encourage family members or significant others/friends of our patients to attend the program to learn how the disease has affected them.

The focus is on family roles and improving communication skills. Lectures, readings, small and large group discussions and role-playing activities help participants develop skills and tools they can use in everyday life.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE to any family members or friends who wish to visit the residential patients at our Coburg campus:

Serenity Lane Covid-19 alert and updates
Due to COVID-19 there is currently no visiting allowed.
Click here for up to date information and answers to the most frequently asked questions about treatment during this time. Serenity Lane’s Family Program is currently taking place virtually.

A message from our CEO in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

August 25, 2020

Dear Patients, Family Members and Referents,

We have done a great deal of planning and work to make Serenity Lane safe in light of the current pandemic. The risk from COVID-19 cannot be eliminated; however, with careful adherence to the safety and health protocols outlined by the Oregon Health Authority – including social distancing, mask wearing and the restriction of non-essential visitors- we believe it can be managed effectively.

We regularly communicate the necessity of following safety protocols with our staff, patients and volunteers through emails, posted signage and in-person meetings. Our Director of Nursing meets weekly with patients to address concerns, communicate new rules as needed and explore creative ways to help patients be safe and comfortable.

We are grateful for the cooperation of our patients and families. We know it is difficult to be separated during an already challenging time, however, we also know that your support and encouragement of adherence to this guidance can make a difference in effective engagement in treatment for everyone involved.

Serenity Lane has a special responsibility for the well-being of our patients, and as CEO I am also responsible for our staff and volunteers. We take seriously the trust placed in us to provide treatment during these times. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns about our safety protocols.

Together, we ensure we safely do the important work we have been doing for almost 48 years -saving lives and putting families back together.


Pete Kerns
President and CEO

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