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Self Care Sunday: Spirituality and Recovery

As recovering addicts, we know we are strengthened by our spirituality. We enrich our lives through a Power greater than ourselves, as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous® says.

Some of us feed our spirituality by attending religious services. Try some of these other ways to support your spiritual growth, too:

*Get Outside. Nature is nearby, whether it’s a city park or a mountain top. Even bad weather isn’t a deterrent when you wear clothes that keep you warm and dry. Add a container of hot chocolate – or, in summer, a bottle of iced tea – and maybe a friend, and you’ll come home refreshed, both spiritually and physically.

*Slow Down. Step off the hamster wheel for awhile, and you’ll feel calmer. Use meditative techniques and tools (learn more: https://bit.ly/2tjLTej).

*Write Your Stress Away. Putting your problems on paper can provide perspective and insight. Don’t write for publication; write to see the words. Keep a journal to spot themes and growth, or try the catharsis of shredding your writing when you’ve finished.

*Volunteer. Mucking out pens at the animal shelter may not seem spiritual at the time, but it takes you outside yourself. Giving to others has an uncanny way of giving back to you.

*Forgive Someone. Forgiveness is a topic all by itself, but the bottom line is that while it isn’t easy, it frees your soul.

Although we’re talking on a Sunday, our spirituality is part of every day of our lives. Claim it as part of your sobriety!

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