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Happy (Sober) Mother’s Day

For families impacted by addiction Mother’s Day can be a bittersweet holiday. There may be guilt or regret for time lost or opportunities missed because of addiction and the behavior that comes with it.

Whether you’re new in your recovery or have been sober for a while know that this day is a beautiful reminder to honor moms but is also just one day draped in commercial flourish and flair. Every day is a chance to show mom gratitude and love.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating mom this Sunday, or really, any and every day of the year!

  1. Listen: We can get so caught up in our own thoughts and feelings we forget that Listening is Love. Practice the art of listening. Sit down with a pen and paper and take notes! Ask about history and share stories. Learn favorite foods and activities. Make time to talk and ask questions and then practice being an exceptional listener.
  2. Create something that will last: Instead of a bouquet of flowers, sit down with some seeds or cuttings, some good soil and a container. Plant something that will grow together and then make an intention to check in regularly on the progress of your plant.
  3. Write a letter: If you have lost your mother, or are not able to see or talk to her this Mother’s Day, write out what you wish you could tell her. It could be a gratitude list, your amends or just a recap of the events of your current life. Put these feelings down on paper and then find a safe place to keep them.
  4. Make some memories: If you can be together on Mother’s Day, document the experience with some pictures. In our selfie-obsessed culture the art of taking a proper photo can get lost. Enlist a third party, forgo the Insta-filters and take some nice pictures of you and your mom. Then share them! Send them to each other on a random day to remember the event.
  5. Be kind to yourself: Don’t let this day be an opportunity to dwell on what you don’t have or things that you regret about the past. Finding recovery is the greatest gift you can give. And that doesn’t just mean staying sober: it means doing the on-going work to be the best You that you can be! Every day is a new opportunity to do your best, show gratitude and let your mom know how much you love her.
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