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Thank You Dwight Lee

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Dwight Lee, beloved father, friend and member of the Serenity Lane family has passed away. Dwight came to Serenity Lane in 2000, and over the last 16 years served as a residential and outpatient counselor before assuming his current role as Spiritual Adviser. Dwight was a man of deep faith and humility and his love and light touched the lives of countless men and women. He was a mentor, a friend, a spiritual guide and an inspiration. His memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew him.

In October, Dwight Lee was awarded the Serenity Lane Community Service Spiritual Adviser Award. What follows are his remarks on service, spirituality and the road ahead. It is a testament to Dwight that in just a few words he so eloquently sums up what life is all about: to learn, grow and trust that we will be guided in our journey.

Thank you Dwight, you will be missed. (You can watch the video of these remarks here, at the 56:56 mark)

Thank you, it’s an honor. You know one day God opened up the book of life and he wrote our names in it. Everybody sitting here, our path led us all here to Lane County, Oregon, right? Or wherever Springfield or Eugene. But he equipped us in the capacity that we all serve him in. And it’s no accident that we’re all here today. It’s by the direction of the spirit of the living God that dwells in you.

Why do I love my job? I was a chief addict and alcoholic. From my years of sports. Sports opened up a lot of doors for me but it also opened up some dark shadowy doors. All the addicts and dealers of the world followed us around to our games and to our parties. And just gave us this stuff. But that part of my life equipped me for the job that I’m doing today. It gave me the knowledge and wisdom that I needed to be an extension of the God hand. So I thank God for his equipping me with this knowledge. There are no mistakes in life, there are only lessons. We have to get the lesson and grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. That’s what the battle is all about. That we get wise. Become children of light.

I want to thank everyone here and thank Serenity Lane for putting up with me for 16 years. It’s been a wonderful career. I’ve loved every moment of it. Until they run me out of the building I’ll keep coming out there.

I love doing the lectures. I love when the light bulb gets turned on in the hearts of others. And that’s the key. I don’t talk to them because most of them are spiritually bankrupt, but I talk to the spirit of God that is in them and make that connection. And that opens them up, the person,  to receive the message.  Because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. And we have a big battle ahead of us and it’s spiritual. Spiritual.

But have faith, the God that is in you will show you the way.

God bless you, thank you.

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