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Nominate Someone for one of the following Community Service Awards:

Addiction Professional Award
This award recognizes a certified addiction counselor, therapist, caseworker, or any other front-line staff who provides treatment services to individuals and/or families.

Community Leadership Award
This award recognizes organizations, professionals, clergy, educators, volunteers, and other community members/mentors who are the stewards of recovery within our community.

Community Youth Leadership Award
This award recognizes a teen or young adult who has been a leader in providing education and awareness in the field of alcohol and drug addiction.

Dwight Lee Spiritual Advisor Award
This award recognizes a leader in the community that has provided either spiritual counseling or leadership for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Emergency Services Professional Award
This award recognizes an individual who has done an outstanding job in providing public service through the process of law, prevention, or education. This award category includes officers, first responders, fire fighters, crisis intervention, specialists, trainers, etc

Health Care Professional Award
This award recognizes an outstanding healthcare professional, such as a nurse or a doctor, who exemplifies the spirit of caring, compassion, and commitment to those who are living with the effects of alcohol and drug dependency.

Mental Health Professional Award
This award recognizes an outstanding mental health professional who meets the needs of people experiencing both mental illness and alcohol/drug dependency with compassion, skill, professionalism and hard work.

The Unsung Hero Award
An unsung hero is a volunteer or professional, who has given selflessly to enhance drug and alcohol treatment, awareness, prevention or education.

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